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Towns and Villages Around Lefkada Island

The Island of Lefkada or also known as Lefkas.
Lefkada Island is part of the group of Ionian Islands off the West Coast of Greece. This is a beautiful unspoilt island with spectacular beaches and stunning views, wherever you are on the island.
On the East Coast there are numerous pebble beaches and coves to explore, whilst on the West Coast the holiday maker can find fantastic white sandy beaches and coves. The centre of the island is mountainous hiding unspoilt Lefkadian villages, and some breathtaking scenery.

Also known as Lefkas or Levkas, this is the capital of the Lefkada Island. It is situated on the north east coast, where the island is joined to the mainland by a causeway and 50 metre swing bridge.
As well as the population and commercial capital of Lefkada Island, Lefkada Town is also a tourist destination in it's own right. Since it was opened, Lefkada Town's new marina has become enormously popular and has led to an influx of new visitors, bringing new shops and restaurants to cater for them.
Lefkada is a very pleasant, friendly, typical Greek town. It is an ideal place to stay on holiday. As well as travellers staying for one night before they board their yacht, many tourists use the town's hotels as a base for visiting the local beaches.
But even if you are staying in one of the other holiday resorts on the island it is worth making a visit to Lefkada town one day during your holiday for the shops, museums and atmosphere.

Situated on the East Coast of Lefkada Nidri is also sometimes spelt Nydri and is the Islands' main tourist resort. Halfway between Lefkada Town (21km north) where the island is connected by road bridge to the mainland, and Vassiliki (21km south) with it's ferry connection to Keffalonia, Nidri has it's own small ferry port with ferries to Maeganisi. The immediate area around Nidri village on Lefkas is fairly flat and is good for gentle cycle rides and walks through the olive groves. Try a walk to the Nydri Waterfalls near Rahi village (approx. 4km), or cycle around Vlicho Bay to the little white church of Agia Kiriaki on the headland of Geni (Yeni). Although the white church is opposite Nidri and only a few hundred metres by sea, the journey is approximately 8km by land. For those with more energy there are walks into the surrounding hills to Paleokatouna, Neohori and Haradiatika; and in spring the flowers and blossoms are beautiful.Yachting - Along with Lefkada Town, Nidri is one of the main yachting destinations in the Ionian Sea, Its location on the East Coast of Levkas means that the sea is usually calm. Combined with an interesting coastline full of sheltered and secluded bays, and several Islands offshore such as Skorpios (the private Onassis Island), there's plenty to see. All of this can also be enjoyed on one of the local boat trips which run throughout the summer - ideal for those that can't bring their own boat!

Vasiliki has experienced great development of tourism. The main attraction is the beach, reaching the edge of the Ponti, and is one of the best in the Europe for the windsurfing. It is rare that Mistral (wind) not blows in this site. The wind is coming from the high central mountains and going down into the void of the valley. So the sails of the surf is always full and can deploy high-speeds on the sea. Hundreds of fans line up, every day along the long beach and engage for hours in their favorite sport, offering visitors a unique spectacle. The port of Vasiliki is connected to the islands of Ithaca and Kefalonia serving tourists wishing to visit more islands in the Ionian Sea. The area has been inhabited since very early. Remains of the Paleolithic and most of the Neolithic period (3500 BC) were discovered by surveys of Dorpfeld Hoirospilia and are exposed in the Archaeological Museum of Lefkada. In the valley of the Vasiliki, according to Archaeological Institution, there are scattered remains of ancient building belonging probably to the ancient city. On the other side of the Vasiliki, west-side, lies the peninsula and cape of Lefkata. First you can see the small beach of Plaka and then impressive western coast. The landscape is mountainous and wild, descending to the edge of the sea, where the white rocks, are struggling with the stormy sea. Wild and fascinating beauty of this landscape attract the visitor approaching from the sea or by land. Here, on the nose of the Lefkata, myth poet Sappho gave an end to his life because of the desperate passion of love. These white rocks gave name to the island of Lefkada. This is one of the many versions about the origin of the name. Area of the Vasiliki has multiple paths for explolring, and already offers mountain biking and horse-riding. Vasiliki has many hotels, appartements and villas. Also with so many caffes and restaurants you have difficult choise to make, where to sit down and enjoy, your drink or meal.

Agios Nikitas
This beautiful village is situated on the North West coast of Lefkas (see map), 12 km from Lefkas Town. It is the only village at sea level along the West Coast, because the coastline is so rugged and steep. Agios Nikitas village consists of one main street down to the sea. There are many restaurants, tavernas, minimarkets and souvenir shops along the main street. There is some parking at the top of the street, but most of the street is pedestrian only. The surrounding area is beautiful, with steep hills and valleys covered in olive and pine trees leading down to beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea water. After a storm the white limestone sand is washed up into the sea, turning the water into striking patterned shades of light and dark blue - a photographer's dream.
The village is close to several superb beaches. It has it's own small village beach. To the North is Pefkoulia Beach (also known as Agios Nikitas Beach), which can be easily reached along the main road to Lefkas Town. Here you will find two tavernas and a few simple rooms for rent. To the South of the village is Milos Beach, named after the ruined mill on the headland overlooking it. There are two ways to reach it. The difficult way is to follow the path over the headland from the village. The path starts behind the Milos Taverna on the main street, and takes about 20 minutes. It can be very rough and even dangerous in places, so be careful! The easy way, in the middle of the summer, is to take the taxi boat from the village beach.

Ligia is 4 km from Lefkada Town on the east coast of Lefkada. It is a small fishing village with views of the fortress dedicated to St. George across the straits on the mainland. Ligia is basically a one street village with a few restaurants and shops. It has small shingle beach
The area is ideal for those who enjoy hill walking as Ligia is framed by pine covered hills and olive groves. Ligia is essentially a family resort which is also popular with older couples. Early and late season attracts walkers when the weather is cooler.
Ligia has a number of mini-markets providing holiday essentials as well as gift and souvenir shops. Ligia has a few restaurants on the waterfront and on the road through the resort serving a variety of food. The fishing boats land their catch daily providing the freshest of ingredients which is then sepcialy cooked.

Nikiana is a village and harbour on the East coast of Lefkas, about nine kilometres South of Lefkada Town. The village is spread out along the coastal road and sea front, and up into the nearby green hills. Nikiana offers quiet, relaxing holidays with friendly local bars and restaurants and gently shelving beaches with crystal clear warm water. Its location makes it a good base for those who want to combine relaxation with occasional touring of the island.
Eating and Drinking - There are a few bars, cafes and restaurants along the main street, as well as a few minimarkets. The waterfront tavernas are a nice place to have an evening meal at sunset as the mountains on the mainland turn red. The harbour is a good place to sit and watch the local fishermen bring in their catch, and observe the yachts coming and going.

The quiet village of Perigiali is situated 17 km from Lefkas town and is just opposite of the famous Scorpios Island of Onassis. Perigiali lies just 700 m. down on the coast, with its own beautiful beach of Passa and 1 km from the sandy beach of Nidri. The fishing boats moored at the village quayside offer a pleasant selection of fresh fish which can be found at one of the waterside tavernas.

Vlichos is a lovely traditional coastal village located 20km south of Lefkada Town. The village lies around a natural bay where fishing boats and private yachts moor during the summer period. Verdant mountains and lush green valleys encircle the beautiful coastal settlement which has become one of the best tourist attractions in Lefkada. Found in the main street are plenty of lovely little shops, cafes and fish taverns. There are many visitors who choose this destination for summer vacation, especially families who truly enjoy the relaxing and charming atmosphere. It is definitely a nice choice for a short excursion. On top of the promontory is the chapel of Agia Kyriaki.

Mikros Gialos
Mikros Gialos itself is a typical old Greek village located in the southern part of the island. Striking traditional houses are characteristic here, connected by a myriad of narrow alley ways and paths leading to the local shops and tavernas serving appetizing local Greek cuisine. This part of Lefkada is described time and again as the “gem” of the island. It is without doubt that you will be in complete agreement after your stay in this idyllic place.

Poros is a beautiful traditional village located 25 km south of Lefkada Town. The settlement stands on the slopes of a hill that descends into the blue sea. It is built amphitheatrically and has a population of about 300 inhabitants. The village consists of elegant two-storey houses with tile roofs between the narrow alleys. Poros is small but it displays a couple of remarkable churches, like the church of Analipsi which hosts some fine frescoes and icons from the 17th century, and the church of the Virgin.The old olive press and the remains of a 4th century castle are also an interesting part of the sightseeing in Poros village. Poros receives many visitors during the summer either for a short stay or long term holidays. Only 4 km from the village is the magnificent bay of Mikros Gialos, a small picturesque settlement where fishing boats moor. Close to the village you will find several pristine beaches and attractive coves

Sivota is one of the most beautiful bays in Lefkada, located 32 km south of the capital town. The settlement lies around a blue crystalline cove amidst verdant hills and lush green forests overlooking the Ionian Sea. The lovely port of the village provides a safe shelter for private yachts and quite close is also the main beach.Today, Sivota is probably the most popular sailing tourist resort in Lefkada. It is fairly quiet during the day and much more lively at night. The village is a much preferred destination for the yacht owners. Sivota hosts some gorgeous beaches with amazing waters and white sand, extremely famous for their breathtaking beauty and the wild background. Most of them though are accessed by boat. Along the small port of Sivota you will find some nice fish taverns and restaurants.

Kalamitsi is a picturesque village located 20 km west of Lefkada Town. It is built on a green slope offering magnificent panoramic views to the blue sea. Kalamitsi is one of the oldest villages of the island with many old churches, traditional windmills that stand on the hill and traditional neighbourhoods.The village enjoys little tourism as it is quite peaceful and unspoilt despite its close proximity to the main town. People here retain the traditional and rural way of life.

Athani is located 36 km north east of Lefkada Town. It is a lovely mountainous village and has a population of 200 inhabitants most of whom are engaged in agriculture and tourism. The first people who settled down in Athani were Italians while in the late 15th century, the village received some Spanish speaking Jews. In the 1950s and 1960s, many residents immigrated to other countries and Greek cities, in search of better working conditions. Today the village has a well-developed tourist infrastructure receiving a great number of visitors every year.Athani offers a plethora of modern amenities like mini-markets, local services, cafes and restaurants. However, it still is one of the finest examples of traditional architecture with old houses, unspoilt villages and small churches.Athani is also close to some of the most famous beaches of Greece like the Porto Katsiki and Egremni. A few kilometres from the village is the promontory of Lefkada where you can enjoy some breathtaking views to the Ionian Sea and the beautiful sunset. According to Menander, an ancient Greek poet, Sappho who was also a great poetess herself, fell from the rocks into the sea because Phaedon didn't love her.Close to this fabulous location, the ruins of the ancient temple of Apollo are found. Athani is one of the most interesting areas in the west coast of Lefkada as it combines natural beauty and many historical sites.

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